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Are you taking daily care of your gut microbiome?

Our brand new Daily Microbiome Booster is the first ever supplement to combine collagen peptides, precision prebiotics, and next-generation postbiotics.

It's designed to power up your microbiome and fuel your active lifestyle... all in a handy sachet that you can mix into pretty much anything.



By combining microbiome science and the concepts and trends from sports nutrition, there is a clear path to develop microbiome positive foods and drinks

Advanced Biotics is a pioneer in the market of these microbiome positive solutions

Advanced Biotics Daily Microbiome Booster

Make your day #MicrobiomePositive

Simply mix one sachet of our Daily Microbiome Booster into your tea, coffee, juices, smoothies, water, or any other dink.

You can also sprinkle it on - or mix it into - foods, soups, sauces, porridge

...or even bake with it!

Advanced Biotics Daily Microbiome Booster Supplement Ideas

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Advanced Biotics are:

Why us?

We believe that small changes to your lifestyle can have a big impact on your health and happiness.

We are driven by a frustration that so many ‘health foods’ seem to get it wrong ... and a determined passion to do better.

Technology - AB

Platform & Technology

Our unique scientific and technical knowledge has led to the creation of a proprietary biotech platform containing next-gen prebiotics and postbiotics in an easy-to-use powder that can be formulated into multiple food and drink formats.

Market Approach

Our experience in the market allows us to leverage existing formats and categories from the sports & active nutrition market, take an online-first approach, and create novel market segmentation and consumer targeting strategies.

Advanced Biotics - Smoothie
Advanced Biotics - Growth


There is a clear and growing opportunity for ‘mainstreaming’ and ‘snackifying’ the microbiome and gut health. Major brands are acquiring and investing in the microbiome.

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